Our Staff

Corri Poore

A self proclaimed ‘baby whisperer’, Corri has worked with children from birth to school age for the past 13 years. He received his Child Development Associate certificate in 2014. When Corri was young, he was always babysitting and helping his mother, an educator, in her classroom. He is married with three children, a 14 year-old son and a boy and girl set of twins who are nine. Corri is the owner and director of Little Tykes University.

Lexi Sherman

“Lexi Sherman is our full-time Teacher’s Aide with 4+ years of experience in Child Development. She moved from Delaware to South Dakota in 2018 to continue her education, and uses her positive attitude and guidance to encourage others. In her free time, Lexi likes to go to the movies and spend time with her sister, nieces, & nephews.”