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Welcome to Little Tykes University

Welcome to Little Tykes University, where we start each day with an elbow bump and a hug! Music is an integral part of our day and is always playing in the background, while we learn and play. We spend a large portion of our day outside, learning about nature and caring for our planet and fellow man. We are a small center and have a tight-knit group of families. Children learn empathy, caring, friendship, and leadership through their every day experiences.

A Fun-Filled Learning Experience

We feel life experiences help children prepare for school. We have developed a routine
that includes practical and repetitious application of core concepts. Our focus is science, technology, engineering,
art, mathematics, and guided discovery.



Best Facilities for Kids


Outdoor Games

Nutritious Food

Mission Statement

Inspiring a lifetime love of learning and exploration.

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$195 all ages

7:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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